1. What do I call you?
2. What do you want me to do in the house in addition to:
     - make my bed every day?
     - always keep my room tidy?
     - clean the bathroom every time I use?
3. What is the laundry procedure? Where should I put dirty clothes until wash day?
4. Should I wash my own underclothes?
5. Should I do my own ironing?
6. May I use the iron, washing machine, sewing machine, etc. at any time?
7. Where may I keep my toiletries?
8. When is a convenient time for me to use the shower/bath?
9. May I use bathroom toiletries, i.c., toothpaste, soap, etc.?
10. What time are meals?
11. What can I do to assist at mealtimes:
      - set the table?
      - clear the table?
      - help wash the dishes?
      - put the dishes away?
      - empty the garbage?
12. May I help myself to food and drink or must I ask first?
13. What areas of the house are strictly private?
14. May I put pictures/posters in my room?
15. May I rearrange my bedroom?
16. What are your rules for me about alcohol and smoking?
17. Where can I store my suitcases?
18. What time must I get up on weekdays? on weekends?
19. What time must I go to bed?
20. What are the rules for me going out at night and at what time must I be home?